Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Treachery of the cheapskate - Nars Purple Rain

I am a cheapskate. If there was a Kingdom of Cheapskate, I would be the ruler.

In my kingdom, it is a crime buying $20, high-end fashion label polishes with just a pretty face. And I would be the first and the last who are hanged for breaking the law.

Here's the evidence, Nars Purple Rain, $21.

Purple Rain is a deep reddish purple / eggplant with red and blue shimmer. You see the blue shimmer pretty clearly here, right? In real life, the blue shimmer is barely visible when you stare intensely at it. The effects were exaggerated by the camera.

It was very pigmented, perfect in 2 coats. Excellent application, went on like butter.

It is very gorgeous. But wait a sec, I've seen it somewhere.

I swear, it was just the camera, in real life, the difference is not noticeable. The base color of both are very similar, except there are more blue shimmer in Let's Groove, as you see in the pictures.

If you have Let's Groove, congratulations! You have a dead on dupe to a $20 polish.

I won't tell you I regret buying Purple Rain simply because 1) it is Nars 2) it is purple 3) it is gorgeous 4) I paid $21 for it, non-refundable. No, I won't!
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