Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RIP Sheer Natural

This is a nightmare comes true.

When I work on a post, there are always a dozen of polishes on my perpetually chaotic desk. You can imagine the numerous near-fatal incidents in this accident-prone set up. I was lucky, maybe just too lucky, until today. I wanted to drink some water so I reached for my mug somewhere in the midland, and then it knocked on the dozen polishes. And I was able to save them!! Amazing, wasn't it? If it was, this post would not have appeared at all.

I tried to put them back up, and one of them didn't want to stand up straight, instead it slipped from my fingers and dropped on the floor and shattered. Wow, an $18 polish dropped dead in front of me, definitely an once in a life time experience! Oh, did I mention I haven't use it yet, not even swatched?

In the middle of the little pool of polish, there was a glass splinter holding some polish, not much, just enough for a swatch. Thank you, at least I get to have a swatch!

It is a mess, but be nice! I just suffered a loss and I was not in the mood for perfect pictures (like I had taken perfect pictures!)

It is a yellowish nude creme. Application was good, not streaky at all but it was too sheer. I used 4 coats here but still not able to cover completely.

To be honest, it is not a flattering color, like you have some badly stained nails. Quite disgusting. But I think it can make a good mannequin color when layered with some taupes or nudes, to match with the yellow undertone of Asian skin. I'm not able to test it out though.

I am a little bit depressed right now (and I have to clean up the crime scene), so that's all for today.
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