Saturday, March 20, 2010

Surprise from Germany

Yesterday I got a mysterious package - no return address, no card, all I could tell it was from Germany. I guess it was the swap with Pia from Rock 'n' Nails. Pia, if you are reading this, please let me know!

Pia is visiting some friends in Germany, she agreed to get some polishes there to swap with her readers. I didn't have any specific in mind, so I told her my favourite colors, purple and taupe, and she picked something to surprise me. And I was indeed surprised!

This girl is amazing, she got me 3 polishes of different brands and I love them all!

(Left to right) p2 Color Victim in gracious, essence creamylicious in Chocolate Shake, Manhattan Lotus Effect 65W

A cream and H&M lip gloss.

Guess it is an unwritten rule that candies are must-have for any swap! Teddy Bear candy was my childhood favourite.

Ready for some swatches?

Chocolate Shake is a milk chocolate brown with reddish shimmer. The shimmer is only visible under bright light. It is thick and gloopy, almost impossible for thin coats. I don't know it was the polish or I shook it too hard, there were bubbles on every nail. Despite the formula, the color is absolutely yummy - I was tempted to grab a shake right away, but as I was having a bad PMS, I'd better stay away from cold drinks!

65W is a dark rich plum jelly. Do I have to say anything about it? I don't think so, even with my lousy photography, the polish still looks stunning in the photo. Super glossy, great formula, easiest to apply among the three.

I like the cap and the brush - the cap is flat with slanted top which gives you a firm grip. The brush is tiny bit shorter than average which I think is easier to control.

gracious is a dusty mauve with extremely subtle blue and purple shimmer. The shimmer is barely visible even under very bright light. It is also on the thick side but still manageable.

Usually dusty purple makes me feel chic but somehow this one shouts "feminine", maybe it's the shimmer. I stamped it with some roses and butterfly in subtle colors, didn't want them to steal the spotlight.

These brands are all not available in where I live and I'm so excited to be able to get some! Thank you so much Pia!
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