Monday, March 1, 2010

Models Own Part 1 - The Pastels

Spring is my least favourite season. Alright, I lied. I hate spring.

The humidity is killing me. Water is dripping from ceiling of the lift lobby, floor is slippery, the laundry and my hair takes forever to dry, my skin goes all crazy with breakouts. My air con has been on for several 20°C days. It is insane! Is it summer yet?

The only one good thing that comes along with spring is pastel color.

From the left: Lemon Meringue, Pastel Pink, Lilac Dream

This is the pastel set I got from Models Own. I didn't plan to buy this set, I was only interested in Lilac Dream. But hey it's on sale, why not?

Lilac Dream is a pale purple creme. Guess it is one of the most popular colors, it appeared on most of the reviews I read, people raves about it.

Not a unique color though, it looks just like another pastel purple. The milkiness is nice, makes it look soft and tender, I like it.

There's not many lavenders in my stash, I used to avoid them, pink as well actually, as much as I can because they can darken my hand too easily. I tried to find some good comparisons, Misa Jasmine was the closest thing I can get.

They look pretty similar in the bottle, amazingly they are completely different on nails.

Jasmine is a lot darker, dustier than Lilac Dream. The application of Jasmine is so much better.
I forgot to compare it with China Glaze Light As Air, from my impression, Lilac Dream should be  much darker than Light As Air.

Pastel Pink is kind of barbie pink in my definition. It is a warm medium pink creme.

I like how they look in the picture, it is cute. In person, they are not as flattering. They made my hands look so dirty - like I've been playing in a dumpster all day, yuck!

Lemon Meringue is a very pale lemon yellow creme. Surprisingly, my favourite of this lot.

I rarely bake, so lemon meringue is too remote to me. Lemon sorbet is what in my mind. A real refresh color, prefect for gloomy days like what we are having now. I can see myself wearing a lot.

It reminds me immediately of another member in the lemon family, China Glaze Lemon Fizz.

I thought there would not be a big difference, I was wrong. As you can see, Lemon Fizz is brighter, warmer maybe, and less milky. Application is better as well.

The formula of all these is consistent - highly pigmented, opaque in 2 coats. They are all quite thick which make them not easy to work with (making a mind note to thin them down a bit next time). They can't be completely evened out with the third coat. I would not walk out of my apartment without a good thick topcoat on it.

There are more Models Own wanna to show you, coming up next are The Chics.
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