Friday, March 5, 2010

SCREW YOU, Sephora!

Sephora is closing down their business in Hong Kong - If you told me before last weekend, I would have groaned at it for sure. But now? I think they are not leaving fast enough!

Here's the story. Last week they were having a VIP shopping party in which you can redeem ANY products with your reward points. I went there in eager anticipation, picked out a few Sephora brand products and checked out happily. The girl at counter told me those stuff were on sale so they were not eligible for redemption. I wanted to get something else in order to use up the points but I was already running late for a movie. I figured I have to come back again the following day.

Here are what I got:

2 polishes (the red one is Flamenco, a birthday gift from them. The blue glitter is Blue Sapphire), they are better than I thought. An acetone free polish remover, a nail balm, my favourite nail care recently and an eyeliner. They were all for around $18.

Later that night, I found that event announcement email and discovered there would be another VIP day in March. Great, I could go there next month then.

2 days later, I received another email from Sephora with subject line "Clearance Sale". I opened it excitedly but when I read on, I was shocked. They are leaving? And no VIP day? Reward points can only redeem "selected items"? You have a good idea on how the story goes.

I went there, studied the "selected items" - basically some unwanted products from some unknown brands which were already on 40% sale - for half an hour, started to get impatient, randomly picked a hand soap in beautiful glass bottle. Discounts do not apply when you buy with reward points, so I paid for the regular price less my reward points.

I got home and finally got my sense back, I realized I would be better off if I bought it without using reward points! The price after deducting the reward points is higher than the discounted price! Damn it! I couldn't believe I was stupid enough to fall in a trap as obvious as that.

Sephora, pack your bags and don't ever come back!

Please bear with me even if you find this accusation totally unjust. I am pissed and I have to get it all out of my system. I feel better already, thank you.
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