Thursday, March 4, 2010

Models Own Part 3 - The Sparkles

I'm a huge fan of creme,  having 3 glitters in one single order is outrageous in my standard.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against glitters - they are stunning. Apart from being hideous to apply, a pain in the ass to remove and the risk of looking like a 5-year-old, I can't imagine what's not to like.

From the left: Blue Sparkle, Magenta Devine, Champagne, Mixed Up

Models Own Champagne - Do I have to say anything else? A pure champagne gold shimmer, no other color undertone. Shiny shiny shiny.

Magenta Devine is a clear base with tiny deep magenta glitters. I used 4 coats here attempting to build up the color, the result was acceptable. Pinkie was not that well covered as I used thin coats there, while I put very thick coats on the rest.

Blue Sparkle is a clear base with large blue hexagon glitters. Very vibrant color, too vibrant actually, it gave me a hard time capturing its beauty. In real life, it is a hue or 2 more brighter than the pictures.

I was not polishing here, I was essentially piling the glitters onto my nails, that's why it was a three "coats". These glitters are too large, you just can't pick sufficient amount to cover the nails.

Gorgeous hexagon glitters densely suspense in the bottle.

Mixed Up is a clear base with microglitters, majority are black, some are holo. It is an interesting color, but too bad its glossiness diminish when it dries.

It was very sheer, so I used the same piling technique here. Can I call this a technique? It's skill-less, just take a big drop and spread it in very directions.

I thought it is a black base with holo glitters. You can imagine how much black glitters are in there.

How can a glitter review goes without some blurry pictures?

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Please beware when you decide to wear any of these polishes, especially when you are driving. They are so shiny sparkling that you just can't stop staring at your nails. Very distractive!

It's way too easy to pick my favourite out of this lot, Champagne without much debate.

I mean glitters and I can be friend who hang out from time to time, but I don't think we can take it to the next level. Sorry, glitter pals!

This is the last part of my Models Own review, a little conclusion may be helpful

1. Great color variety, with some very unique ones
2. Highly Pigmented
3. Good staying power
4. Formulas vary, easy application in general.
5. They ship internationally

1. Not Big 3 free, it contains Toluene (no DBP and Formaldehyde). Though it is not a big deal for me, everybody else seems doing just fine without these 3 monsters, why couldn't they?
2. Crappy bottle cap. The top cap detached from the brush! It is not an isolated incident, it happened on several different polishes.

Will I buy from them again? Definitely! I love their color selection, looking forward to some new colors coming out.
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