Friday, February 26, 2010

First Konad Haul and KONADomania 300+ giveaway

I hate myself. I'm so impulsive and I change my mind all the time, is there any cure for this?

Konad did not thrill me - it is too fancy, or so I thought. I preferred keeping my mani simple and chic.

I was so terribly wrong.

Before I realized, damage's done:

A basic kit, a double side stamp set and 9 image plates.

I read that the plastic scraper that comes with the basic kit is better than the metal one. But I wanted the double-sided stamp so I got both. I didn't checked at the shop. I was so shocked when I found out they both are metals! They don't sell the plastic scraper alone, I ended up using an old credit card.

I've been practicing for a couple of weeks but the result is still frustrating. I spent the whole first week trying to learn how to scrap and to pick up the patterns with the stamp. I think I kind of did it. But I still have problem putting the patterns on my nail at the precise position that I want them to be. People, how can you all do that so beautifully?

While I am still struggling with the konad basics, the guru KONADomania is celebrating her 300+ followers.


You know what that means - giveaway time!

The prizes are fabulous

1.25 dollar gift coupon code from OC NAIL ART

2. 3 S-he and 3 Essence polishes of your own choice

3. 3 sets of nail art decals

4. Some nail care products

5. Some nail art stuff

6. 2 lipglosses

What are you waiting for? Enter here, it ends March 21.


susies1955 said...

Nice haul. Can't wait to see photos. sells the plastic scraper and I used mine for just a few days and went back to the credit card. :)
Have fun,

kada said...

I am working hard on the mani, I hope I can if at least one decent photo to put up here before I go crazy.

I shouldn't have bought that stupid kit!

susies1955 said...

Why do you call it a stupid kit? What problems are you having?
I love Konading. It's fun.

kada said...

I mean the basic kit actually. I can go for the double side stamp set alone, if not for the plastic scraper that I thought included in the basic kit.

Now I have 2 stamps and 2 useless scrapers, such a waste!

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