Thursday, February 25, 2010

China Glaze Loves You Snow Much & Nail Blog Network contest

So, this is another very belated post.

A UPS man showed up at my door step one morning a few months ago with a HUGE box. A box even bigger than the USPS large flat rate box. I was confused - I didn't order anything that would be delivered by UPS. Anyway, they had my name right on the parcel and sure I signed for it without hesitation.

It was pretty light for a box that size. I ripped it open as fast as I could. All I could see were paper, enormous air-protector thing and more paper.

After throwing away all packing material, there it was - a set of 4 very festive glitters, China Glaze Loves You Snow Much collection that II won from one of their twitter giveaways.

4 perfect glitters for holidays
From the left - Emerald Sparkle, Tinsel, 5 Golden Rings, Ruby Pumps

Ruby Pumps is my favourite of the collection. It is a deep red jelly-like base with tiny red glitters.
The first coat was very sheer, but I've got the coverage that I wanted with second coat, excellent.

My photography sucks, I couldn't capture how stunning it is. Under bright light, it shines all glitterly  and sparkle-ly.

Emerald Sparkle is a green version Ruby Pumps - a deep green base with green glitters, a 2-coater. It's gorgeous and all, but I don't have much to say about, green is just not my thing

5 Golden Rings is a light gold, definitely leaning the yellow side. It looks a bit dull to me, not as shiny as I expected. The base is clear and quite sheer, it took 4 coats to be opaque. The tips are still visible though, I may do 5 next time around.

Tinsel seems to have the same formula - sheer, clear base with silver glitters but it does sparkle.  With the experience with 5 Golden Rings, I did 5 coats here.

Application is very nice, as most of the China Glazes are, and they all dried fast. They don't leave a smooth surface, you'll need a good thick coat of top coat to smooth it out.

China Glaze is at the top 3 of my favourite polish brands, it makes up a large part of my stash. Maybe I should make good use of them for a chance to win some additions to my collection?

Nail Blog Network is hosting a contest sponsored by China Glaze and Seche, the winners (yes, there will be 2 winners) will get 5 (2nd prize) or 10 (1st prize) products of their choices from BOTH China Glaze and Seche.

Here' the deal: You have to create a mani using only China Glaze and Seche products. There's no specific theme, just be creative.

I'm so regretted not having my nails to grow long enough, it seems more can be done with long nails, at least the canvas are bigger! If you are interested, just go to check out the details.
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