Friday, February 26, 2010

BB Couture Haul and Swatch

This is an interesting haul. Very random indeed.

Here's the story: I've seen swatch of BB Couture Erotic Night a while ago, the blogger (sorry, I forgot who she is) said it was her favourite vampy jelly. A vampy jelly? She hit right on target.

So this has been added to my must-have list, I just not motivated to acquire it. But then one day I heard that it was discontinued, I hurried to Overall Beauty to get myself one before it's too late.

To make the full use of the shipping charges, I decided to get 2 more polishes when I had nothing specific in mind. I went over the whole list, and naturally I was attracted to the purple beauty Dragon's Breath. Oh, purple again? I realized I should try something different - that's why  I have 3 very different colors in different textures.

From Left - Zuma Wave Rider, Erotic Night, Blind Love

BB Couture Zuma Wave Rider

Zuma Wave Rider is an adventure to me. I've been trained to skip any blue polish instinctively - it just doesn't flatter my yellowish Asian skin tone. But this is just so cute - and its name reminded me of Gwen Stefani's baby Zuma - it is totally worth a try.

It left me suffer from my I-Can't-Describe-the-Color syndrome AGAIN! It is a very warm medium blue creme, also periwinkle-like, but not that purple. I'm sorry, this is the best I can do.

As you may see in the bottle and on the tip of pointer, there are some tiny reddish shimmers. It don't show under most light setting.

Olive tone under bright light

Gold in most light setting

Blind Love is said to be a substitute for the most sought-after Chanel Caleidoscope, or so I've heard. OK, I lived in a cave before I've got this polish-addition disease so I haven't heard of this famous Caleidoscope, I can't tell you how Blind Love is comparing to it.

It's weird though,  most of the reviews called it a greenish silver or silver like green - I can see the green side, but it is definitely gold to me. I swear the pictures here show quite accurately what I see in real life.

Anyway, silver or gold, it is very beautiful. It has a foil-like finish which is so shimmery under sunlight. Application is great too, it covers well, dries fast and leaves no brush stroke.

Finally, the reason for this order. (When I placed by order, they said there were only 4 left. I checked again today and there are 25!)

I have a lot of anticipations and it didn't let me down. A very deep dark red, but you can still tell it is a red in a darker environment. A true jelly which leaves a high gloss finish, you see how reflective the polish is in the pictures.

Like Zuma Wave Rider, there are also some tiny red shimmers which can be barely seen. I don't know why but it has this funny smell, kind of sweet, smells like cough syrup to me.

Speaking of vampy red jelly, how can I not showing my favourite Misa Love Bite.

They almost look identical. Love Bite is less a jelly, it is somewhere between jelly and creme. And with super close inspection, Love Bite is more brown and Erotic Night is leaning purple.
I don't regret for buying an "almost" exact dupes, it is so worth it just for Erotic Night's jelly texture.

The application of these polishes is really, they are highly pigmented, very easy to work with. They dry fast as well.

I am so satisfied with this shopping experience - I got great polishes, and excellent customer service.

Kim the owner of Overall Beauty is very nice, she email on updates and to remind me that I did not pay for a shipping method with tracking number. She is also kind enough to send me some gifts. Kim you rock!

Extras: A manicure set and a mineral sample in Grape Ape, a purple!

Shipping charges are ridiculous, in a good way. The actual postage as I found on the box is around $10 but they only charged me for $8!

Just in case you want to know, I bought this for $9 each and you can receive $2 off your first order over $25 with coupon code CB222. (Expires 12/31/2010)

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